How could I help you for your Digital Transformation ?

Regardless your activity, your company must appears online. Customers are always comparing online before take a purchase decision. They check price, rates, terms and conditions. If you’re not in the web environment, you can tell yourself goodbye to sell.

I have a good news. Together, we can easily build and develop your online presence.

From the online strategy to the personalized follow-up, by create the website and get your first customers : I’ll provide you my expertise.

What do you need ?

Start from the beginning

Develop an online strategy, create an website, build your graphic charter.

Optimized your online presence

You have already create a website, however you have some difficulties to get leads and you don’t have any SEO/SEA strategy. 

Sell more

All human beings, our brain is working the same. I have learned and practised some methods to increase your sale.

Few Numbers

Websites Created
0 %

Skills and Knowledges

Digital Project Manager

relationship with customer

Customer Service

Build the best relationship with a customer

project management

Project Management

Find the best actors for your project and manage the team toward the success with efficience.

respect of planning and budget

Budget & Planning Respect

For all your projects, I guarantee a respect of the schedule, and your budget.



Content 91%
Google Analytics 88%
Keywords 90%

Web Strategy

UX Design 86%
E-mailing 83%
e-Reputation 88%


HTML5 / CSS3 56%
WordPress 95%
SQL Language 76%

If you are on my website, you probably have heard from me, otherwise, let me tell you who I am.

I am a young French professional from Brittany in France, I am 23 years old and I’m fascinated by web marketing and SEO.

I am always trying to understand how websites manage to drive potential customers to their website. Moreover, I can also be described as a very curious and talkative person.