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3 examples of an Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Today, almost every online companies seek the best way to attract and to retain their customers. Obviously, it cost less to retain than to gain and attract them. From my personal experience, I’ve noticed some examples that bumped into me. The companies that I’ll talk about are not small business, however, their strategies are really interesting to have a look, or being inspired over it.

 Take some notes, you’ll probably get some ideas for your own business. Get ready! 

Amazon and Amazon Prime

Ah, Amazon. Amazon is everywhere, and you’re probably have used it to buy something. To find everything it’s easy, and that’s what they want. However, as a marketer, we do not want to fall in a trap as normal visitors. This is what happened to me. Their subscription strategy (and keep it) is simply smart and definitely easy to copy.

Let me explain. First I wanna buy books. Obviously, when you want to receive it fast, the only way is to subscribe to Amazon Prime, instead of pay extra for delivery within 24 hours. 

When you subscribe, Amazon offers you a free period (as a lot of business). After one month, you do want to cancel it before pay 49€. 

And this is where the magic begins. They offer you an extension of that free period for a second month, to make sure that you are going to stay. Smart.

It creates into you a safe reason to keep Amazon Prime and finally pay!

Hubspot, academy and free tools

What an example! Hubspot is a big company focused and specialised in inbound marketing. Guess what is the best way to demonstrate your skills, then directly on your website? Hubspot has a mission to help companies to attract and to convert leads into customers. It proposes three software: Hub CRM, Hub Marketing and Hub Sales.

hubspot academy homepage

Anyway, what makes this example so particular is that they provide an academy called “HubSpot Academy” for teaching the mindset of the inbound marketing and, of course, learn how to use the Hubspot’s tools! 

Then, where is smart, is that after all, they make sure that we’ll use their tools and pay for the upgrade!

Neil Patel, with Ubersuggest

Do you know Neil Patel? Well, at least as a good digital marketer, you know for sure his keyword tool: UbberSuggest. Neil Patel has become a master in digital marketing due to his many successes as a marketer. He helps many companies to increase their profit. Moreover, he’s an SEO and content expert. He worked for companies like Google, eBay, Walmart, etc. 

SEO tool Neil patel

Do you want to know his stroke of genius? First of all, he created UbberSuggest, which is one of the best tools to get keyword ideas and analyzes, and this tool is for free. Neil Patel has simply put his tool directly on his own website. Then, his website is one of the most visited personal websites. Thanks to UbberSuggest, he doesn’t need to make it paying as he gets all the result for his expertise! His tool is attracting millions of marketers on the world!

Those three examples could definitely help you to think about your retention customer strategy. The common part of those examples is that they show you their expertise, and that’s what you have to focus on.

Do not hesitate to communicate with me about this article. Please if you have more examples to share, leave it as a comment! 

I would be really glad to help you attract more customers and convert them too. Please go to contact if you have any questions !!

See you later !!

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