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4 Approaches To Build Trust With Your Customers

4 ways to build trust with your customers

Since 2000 and even less, the Internet has been accessible from anyone. At the time, only developers could develop websites and it cost a lot for the company. However, now everyone could possibly create a website for good and… bad reasons. Due to being cheated by ill-disposed people, they are all changing their perception online and they must remain vigilant on the website they’re visiting.

Those reasons lead you to build trust with your customer. If your customers don’t have confidence in what you’re doing or offering, they’ll never buy or share what you do. It’s a reasonable fact for you to maximize the trust with your customer.

Here, I’m going to give you some ideas to apply to your website. Get ready !!

#1 Be Transparent

Have you ever buy or get a product/service and finally pay or get something you didn’t want, while it was included with the product/service. The answer is yes. 

Today, visitors know how some companies are working and don’t trust them anymore. As it’s easy to compare or find a bad review regarding your business, I suggest you be… as honest as possible.

be transparent with your customer

It’s your responsibility to show all the things needed before a signing. To be fair, a customer would know everything it could, before putting its signature or pay with his credit card: fees, policy for change or cancellation, etc.

Then, no worries, for sure your customer will be the best to share his experience.  

#2 Answer their problem

It actually should be the first thing, answer their problem. Obviously, when people are searching online, the goal is to find a solution which could be what they need. Please stay focus on your company’s mission: why you built it and what’s make it useful for users. 

We all know that profits are important to keep your business alive and in constant growth. However, that’s not why your customer will buy or use what you offer. It’s clearly important to answer their problem at the right moment. 

For example, create some articles regarding your product/service and how it could help them. 

#3 Manage your e-reputation

Well, you have succeeded to attract and engage your customers. Great. Now, the job is not completed. Now, you have to manage your e-reputation. 

Imagine the worst scenario, you have done your best, your marketing and sales team have been fantastic but… something went wrong when the customer used it for the first time… Then, this customer will share its bad experience, online. This bad review could cost a lot for you, especially if you do not reply.

Please, make sure that your e-reputation is as high as your company deserves. The main thing to do is to check some eventual bad comments and reply. You do first apologize and try to attract them a second time for a second chance. Moreover, do not forget the others, the good feedbacks. It’s really frustrating for a customer to give a good review, but do not get thanks from you.

Besides this, you have the possibility of sharing your rewards you’ve just got. Those rewards are important and reflect our work and what you’ve accomplished. A customer could be influenced by them and take the decision to buy your product/service.

Finally, ask for feedback, a good experience must be shared too. When you ask them, they feel important and they own you this good experience they lived. Right after the experience, it’s the perfect moment to share with emotions!

Your e-reputation is the key when a lead has to take a buying decision. 

#4 Personalize the message 

What feeling for a customer to feel important. That is thanks to the personalization of the message. A few years ago, most of the companies were spamming customers without taking care of who is behind the screen. This it comes at the end. 

Today, it’s really important to understand, that you have to know each of your customers to provide them with exactly what they need at the right time. 

To personalize the message, you could use online chat, because it’s fast and easy to use. Customers will feel comfortable and will trust you because of you advise them when they needed. Moreover, you could offer them articles/services similar to what they bought before.

As I said, they are many ways to get trust with your customers. Please never forget that customers are your reason for reason. Besides they buy what you sell, they are part of your future sales thanks to their recommendation.

Please share some experiences with trust! 

I would be glad to help you with your build online trust strategy. Do not hesitate to tell me what I can do for you!

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