Definition of a good Digital Project Manager

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Since web creation and specifically web daily integration, thousands of jobs have appeared. At the beginning Developers, then designs, SEO consultant, Community Manager, and many more. However, for customers, one job is missing to organize everything thing: a Digital Project Manager. The person who’s going to suit this specific job must have some essential characteristics.

Together, we will have a look deeper to define what is a good digital project manager.

#1 Be Curious

Before doing anything on any projects, the DPM (Digital Project Manager) must be aware of the environment. It’s not necessary competitive watch but more information watch. Be curious is a characteristic needed for the job. Why? The web is constantly changing and if he does not check what’s going on around, he dies. Nothing has to escape from the DPM’s eyes!!

#2 Project Respect

Every project is different: wishes, budget, time, organization, customer, activity etc. However, one thing is in common: the respect of the project. As DGP, you have to do your best to be on time, with the budget’s limit. Satisfaction client will increase a lot simply by respecting what was asked.

#3 Well Management of the team

The DGP is from the beginning of the project till the end. He has to control every step, then well managing his team. Depending on how many professionals are working with him, he has to know what could slow down each speciality, but moreover, he has to guide, motivate and push all actors of the project to make things easier and being efficient. In resume, he is the conductor of the project.

well management of the team

#4 As Good as Polyvalent

Polyvalence. This is the key to this job. To well manage his team, he has to know a lot on each job: a bit developer, a bit designer, a bit SEO consultant, etc. It is important to understand your team and speak the same language. Imagine the waste of time if he and his developer do not understand each other, it would be a mess for sure. A professional chameleon.

#5 A good relationship with the client

Of course, managing a team is not the only thing he has to do. He is the chief of the redaction of specifications. For this, he has to understand the client’s needs with empathy and a good listening capacity to facilitate communication.

good relationship with the customer

While the project is working, the DPM would inform regularly the client as feedback and if there is an issue somewhere. In the end, the presentation is doing by himself especially.

A very good relationship with the client will help on any point, so the DPM must behave as professional and reassure all the time.

#6 Personality

  • Stress-resistant: At any time, bad things can appear and the pressure will be on the DGP, if he is not ready or even incapable to resist, the house of cards will fall.
  • Organized: As the central point of the project, he has to well manage his agenda and try to anticipate as much as he can. There is no space for divergence because he is in the middle between client and supervisors.
  • Charismatic: To be listened, he has to create a good feeling around him and make compliance.
  • Creative: To anticipate the future of client needs and new technologies, has to show a creative sense.

As I told you, the DGP is managing all the time the project and suit in a diversity of profession to be understandable by everyone. I hope it helps you to see how hard is it to become a good Digital Project Manager. Now it’s time for you to learn and applicate these advices !

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