How do success your SEO strategy?

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The dream for every company? Be on the top of Google. We all know that not being at least in the first page is reducing a lot your chances to reach the visibility you deserve. The concurrence is really competitive especially for some keywords or markets and to reach this first page is becoming hard. Moreover, Google push to put paid ads as the fourth first results and the result is that natural indexing has only 4-6 results.

However, there are many ways for you to do the success of your SEO strategy and complete your objectives. Let’s have a look together.

Remind it: To cook an SEO strategy, there are three components: Technicality, Content and Notoriety.

Select the right keywords!

Keywords are the key to any SEO strategy. Why? When a user is going on Google, he’s typing keywords and no sentences.

So, here you are, select the perfect keywords where you could emerge. Each of your pages will have a specific keyword. Based on what your page is about, choose a keyword which could match the best.

Now, on which characteristic you have to choose :

  • The search volume: More there is a big search volume, the most is difficult to appear in a good place. Depending on your actual notoriety, my recommendation is to choose a long tail keyword. For example : Leather black shoes for men (better than shoe for men)
  • Relevance: Google knows the meaning and context of a word. Google wants to offer the best answer to a visitor, from any questions. The relevance will impact by choosing keywords which will connect the best with a question from a visitor. Think about it.
  • Concurrence: As we said previously, the keyword’s competitivity is something to consider and make sure that you have a real possibility to start your strategy in a competitive keyword.

Optimize your content

Inbound marketing is a big part of the components “Content” (mentioned in the introduction). It decides about what your page is saying. On any page, you have to write a minimum of 300 words and oriented them toward your page’s topic. For a blog section, it’s recommended to write a minimum of  600 words.

Why is really important to create content? Do not forget that you want to reach a specific target and offer a very good quality of content.

Make sure to optimize a content: relevant, answer a request, be full.

image on content for seo strategy
Your content describes your qualities.

Have perfect HTML Code

This is about technique, your website must be perfectly coded and especially organized. Please imagine a Word page where the titles are wrongly inserted, title 1 as title 3 etc, moreover, a page where the images are without a caption and make no sense. It wouldn’t be conformable to you to read it, then you leave it.

For Google it’s the same, your page must be organized and makes senses for everyone. Below we will show you some general tips, but important.

  • Clarify your title: Only one H1, and then H2,H3,H4 (H5,H6 if really necessary). It’s really important to have a clear page for everyone.
  • HTML Tags :
  1. Meta Title : Choose the right title of your page
  2. Meta Description : Describe what is the subject of your page with action verbs.
  3. URL : make sure that your URL is clear, simple.
  • Images: Your images must be named and correctly, moreover the alternative text has to be visible for Google.
  • Your HTML Code: Have a look at W3C if your code is correct without errors.

Build your netlinking strategy

Last part of the three components of SEO, the notoriety. To build notoriety and get visibility, you have to create a network with your links. Google gives more power to a strength page. Actually, it should be a guarantee of your content’s content. For example : more people are in a restaurant, but customers are coming inside. People call people. In fact, for Google, it’s exactly the same. But for this strategy, you have to have content, something to share, something which proves your good work.

Here some recommendations :

  • Writing article
  • Contact another website ;
  • Share your pages.

You now are able to build a strong SEO strategy. The most difficult now is to apply these characteristics for your own company. Moreover, you could get in touch with us to help you with this application.

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