Web2day 2019 : What I remind

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Last Friday, at 5.00 pm, the 10th Web2day edition (Happy Birthday !! 🎉) closed the door. Three days of conferences on five stages. From the morning to the evening, an incredible programme was offered to the numeric community. It gathered more than 15 000 people over the 3 days.

As 2009 as the first edition, the event grew up a lot since and is getting better and better. Doing this event in Nantes is not an accident, actually, Nantes is becoming one of the places to invest in the numeric after Paris. Nantes is as a small Paris.

A few years ago, probably in 2013, I’ve been lucky to participate in the Web2day. At the time, it took place in CCI Nantes-St Nazaire and it was already an event that you could not miss. Six years later, I came back, and what a surprise! Luckily, I’m looking for a job and I had to pay only 39€ to enter into this paradise.

I will give you my feedbacks. Ready ? GO !

An amazing organisation

As I said previously, many things have changed since the last time I participated. The festival moved to a particular place: Stereolux. Stereolux is located on the “Ile de Nantes”, this isle has been growing up since a long time ago, the project is to create an ecosystem with ecology, numeric and places to live.

Five stages were dispatched. Two under the roof of Stereolux, two in marquees and one in another building, close to Stereolux. I really enjoy moving across the different environment, it helped to do not get bored of the place. Moreover, the last day, due to really bad weather and for security reasons, the festival staff decided to remove both marquees. Then, the conference moved to two buildings, which put some animations into the festival. 😊

A Network point!

Besides the conferences, it was the occasion to meet people and get the possibility to extend your network and connections. At the stands, during the conferences, or while you beat someone in a FIFA game, we had the opportunity to talk with very interesting people.

There was a diversity of jobs: from entrepreneurs, designers, SEO consultants, developers, to data scientist etc. So we had no excuses to do not find someone to talk. 🙂

AI took place

If we have to bet into something in a close future: Artificial Intelligence. It’s been obvious that many conferences were talking about AI. As we know, AI has and will have a huge impact on our society, so there was a lot to say: from medical assistant to data protection by how it works with the company’s strategy.

All participants have learnt a lot and I only could recommend you to come next year to see the evolution !

So inspirational

When I’ve checked the program, I didn’t know most of the speakers. The big advantage of this is that you can discover without apriorism, and it makes it most interesting. I have learnt a lot from them : Roxanne Varza (@StationF), Jean-Loup Karst (@Secret-saas), Thierry Croix (@GO2NEXTLEVELS), Dustin Coates (@Algolia), Florence Glouche (@GFI Informatique), Nicolas Nguyen (@Reputation VIP), Caroline Faillet (@Bolero), Maxime Tarcher (@MaximeTarcher), and many more. They had a lot to share with us regarding their specialities. They interacted very well to make their conferences as a good time feeling.

Please have a look at what are they doing ! 🙂

Johan Adda, the award of the best conf’ (for me)

Oui, oui, oui. Johan Adda speeches about “Design for Trust and Optimism”. Johan used to work for Apple for more than 5 years as Lead UX Designer and now, he is Product Design Lead for Clear Score. His conference itself was really well presented and inspiring. He is favourable to create a “clean design” and useful. When he mentioned “clean design” means create a design without bad intentions behind like “infinite scroll” and waste of time. His mission is to create user experience efficient.

Moreover, what I like is his presentation. His manner to interact with us made us really focused and concerned with his opinion.

When I left this conference, my only word was: WOW.

Well, what I remind from the Web2day is really subjective and I obviously haven’t seen and did everything. However, I appreciated a lot to be part of this edition. For me, every people linked with the numeric ecosystem must buy tickets for the next edition. I’m not scared to say that next year will be bigger than in 2019.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you liked!

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