Alexandre Rohou

What makes me better.

The other way to know more about my personality, it is to discover what I like. We might like something in common and talk about it during an interview, it should be interesting for the interaction. While I’m not working, I manage to relax and discover more things that I don’t know yet because the word curious represent me well. Feel free to have a look on my CV. 
Here, you will be able to have a global view on what and who inspires as entrepreneur, as a person, and companies as well. 

Learn From Our World

Spending the last 3 years abroad with a lot of travels and meet great people are obviously change myself. First of all, improve my english then be able to talk with others helps to open my mind;

I’ve discovered many cultures, and I’m looking forward to do the next journey ! 

Analyse thanks to Books

When we are at school, teachers want from us to read books that we do not want to read… For sure, it doesn’t help to want reading later. However, what I’ve learned is that many books are existing, and many themes by definition. Please my book’s selection oriented 


Written by Nir Eyal in 2013. This book helps you to understand which steps are following companies to create a habit-forming products

hooked Nir Eyal Book
how any startup can achieve explosive customer growth - book


Written by successful entrepreneurs Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares who give a comprehensive overview of the various ways startups can achieve strong, sustainable growth

Influence & Manipulation

Written by Robert Cialdini who observes how works our brain. And he explains what influence our decisions.

influence et manipulation - book

They Inspire Me


personalities that I admire

Steve Jobs, Arsène Wenger, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Garrix are personnalities that I’m respectfull. They have done a lot for their own sectors and did things better. 



When I’m surfing on Youtube, I looking for creative and content. These Youtube’s people create great video which I watch carefuly.

youtube page : marketing mania

Marketing Mania

This person named Stan Leloup analyze different examples to sell more thanks to human psychology.


There are many conferences of people who change something in our world.